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gb parts unknown t shirt trailer park boys


I have always heard the term “Go Green” in political circles. This one is, however, on a different note! The GB green t-shirt of trailer park boys is somewhat enchanting in nature. The last time I saw such traits was during a party in the college campus. Anyway, green is a fantastic color for shirts and compliments a jet black denim with great precision. So if you have that denim waiting in the wardrobe, bring the partner today!

You can find this green t-shirt here.

Need new ideas to create fun parties in the campus. If there is any student out there, take this as an SOS from an entertainment deprived student. Studies are getting tougher and somehow all my colleagues have lost their lust for joy! Not that I am getting bad grades, but life is meant to experience diversity and not monotonicity.

Most weekends are spent in local bars or watching movies. You might have guessed that I already have the dvds for trailer park boys. Another great movie for college goers is “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”. Man! You will love it.