DTG Printed Sunnyvale Trailer Park T Shirt For Men

DTG Printed Sunnyvale Trailer Park T Shirt For MenWhich is the most famous trailer park boy t shirt? Sunnyvale comes close to the first place, I think. The other one would be the bubbles show me your kitties. These two are poles apart. One is the humorous other depicts a kind of formal innocence or soberness. But both have their set of admirers. I am the neutral one as I have both the tees!

This shirt also has “Jim Lahey supervisor Randy assistant supervisor” written on it. It makes sense to only the person who has actually seen the movies or the TV shows. But yes, in a sense this is more of fan stuff. Sunnyvale shirt has more of a fan following in stores as people queue up to buy the newer versions.

The one thing that I also notice is that the era of pre-printed t-shirts is almost gone. Most of the stores will take the orders and the printing takes place. Makes a lot of sense because customer demands in apparel industry keep changing rather unpredictably. Moreover, newer printing technologies make the designs better and aesthetically more appealing. Wish I could have my own custom printing setup. Which superstar would I go for? Bubbles!

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