Sunnyvale Trailer Park Boys Hockey Team Jersey Long Sleeve

Sunnyvale Trailer Park Boys Hockey Team Jersey Long SleeveIt is the age of new officially licensed jerseys and if you are in a team sport it surely adds value to the team. This long sleeve jersey has a direct connection with the Trailer Park Boys TV series. This is the street hockey jersey used by Ricky and Bubbles.

The shirt surely adds a new spark of life when playing in a team. The fact that it is the official version also adds that extra bit of flair to it.

Sunnyvale shirts are important items in the realm of Trailer Park merchandise. But you need to ensure that the thing you are ordering is of good quality. I found some similar items in the street markets but could make out that the color won’t last long. Also, the material did not seem too comfortable. You are sure to sweat in the heat and hence the comfort of plays an important role.

Get ready for the deep blue street hockey fun in the Rickey or Bubbles style!