Short Sleeve Houndstooth Shirt -Black And White Lounge Style Comfortable Shirt

Short Sleeve Houndstooth Shirt -Black And White Lounge Style Comfortable Shirt


The houndstooth black and white shirt is tailor made for parties and big events. You might want to use it as a part of the Halloween costume or simply wear it to the bowling party. It creates the right look with any personality. The instant fame of the trailer park boys carries right through. In case you have learnt some of the latest Ricky quotations, the fun of this lounge style garment will increase all the more.

It is a casual button up shirt and hence you can expect a great deal of comfort even if you are going to wear it for hours. The cotton percentage is quite high and you can sense the feel right from the word go. The spreadcollar design adds a lot of flair.

My first Ricky style houndstooth shirt came during the first year party in college. The best part was that no one else had the same style and most guys in my group were truly impressed by my choice. The fan spirit in me was really high that evening. I received a lot of compliments for the overall costume. Since then I have bought more than 3 varieties and also customized my Halloween costume around it.

It is hard to describe the effect but the moment I wear it a sort of party feeling appears out of nowhere. This might seem exaggerated but many would understand the point of inference that I am trying to bring out. Right now I am listening to Pink Floyd ( comfortably numb ! ) and I am really thankful that the enthusiasm in me is still alive and kicking.

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