Samsquanch Funny Trailer Park Shirt – Big Bubbles Glasses Print

Samsquanch Funny Trailer Park Shirt - Big Bubbles Glasses PrintDo not be afraid to show off those glasses. They are a matter of pride for trailer park boys fans. The Samsquanch Funny Looking glasses Bigfoot shirt will instantly remind you about the one and only Bubbles. After all he is the iconic one in this series. Ricky fans should not feel disappointed as he already has made a decent mark as a solo icon. But things should  be funny sometimes and these tees form a good part of any merchandise collection.

The fabric contains  Polyester which makes the apparel almost wrinkle free. The best part is that solid color ones are pure cotton varieties. You can expect a great deal of comfort during the summer days. These are the prints that you flaunt during the warmer part of the year.

So get big and bold and you will not have a problem in relating yourself to the term Samsquanch. The funny glasses shirt ensures that you have a lot of laughs at any point of time. Add some amount of witty humor in your personality and you are surely on the next level. The tee provides a classic fit and hence you need not worry about the fitting in individual cases. Just select the right size and you are on track.