Ramones Seal Trailer Park Boys T-Shirt In Black By Kings Road Merch


Ramones Seal Trailer Park Boys T-Shirt In Black By Kings Road MerchClick here for the shirt..

Now this becomes something more of an official t-shirt of the trailer park boys. It has a classic President Seal design on the chest with a slight difference. On the periphery you have the names of the three famous characters. It is the Ramones Seal shirt from the TPB merchandise series and you can expect considerable admiration coming up within a short span of time.

In case you are the one who likes to carry on the boys on the heart, this design will convey your emotions to the core. And in case you have not established  your authority in the fan base, the tee might up your chances to do so.

The black print is as always ravishing to look at. There is something about this shade that never goes dry. No matter how many decades go by, you will find the passion in black reverberating to the core.

The boys would be happy to see someone wearing this during the concerts. I haven’t been able to get any tickets as the program did not match my schedule. But there are some great prints waiting in the wardrobe that I intend to wear during such encounters. Patience is the key for any fan and my case is no different. But sooner or later, my chance of a one on one meet with the boys is going to come true. Till then, my wardrobe will provide the inspiration that I need.