Shitiot Remains The Most Hilarious Term For Me In Trailer Park Boys


Hilarious Shitiot Black T Shirt Trailer ParkWhile there are many quotations and funny t-shirts in the trailer park boys series, I just can’t get my mind off the term Shitiot. Practically it means nothing at all. But tell that to a TPB fan. You will get the most humorous response ever. Look at the amazing humor content of the word! Having a hard time with a bully? Just utter the word and stare at him with a look that he just cant cope up. Or simply wear the shirt one evening and note the reactions. For me, the person who devised this word is perhaps someone blessed with amazing creativity.

The thing can be termed offensive when said in a normal manner and I agree to that. But if you are in a formal environment, it is better not to show your inclination towards the boys. I normally wear the shirt on weekends when the party fever is on. You do not have to remain content with just one design.


Apparently, the American public is falling in love with humor filled shirts and hence you can expect a surge in creativity from our manufacturers.

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