Straight Outta Sunnyvale Bubbles T-shirt Red Outline In Black Tee


Straight Outta Sunnyvale Bubbles T-shirt Red Outline In Black TeeYes it comes straight outta sunnyvale and it comes with Bubbles! This officially licensed Bubbles tee in black begins to catch attention right from the word go. Notice that the outline of the figure is in a fantastic shade of red and the rest of magic is done by the black tee.

You might have heard the term straight outta of the trailer but this time they use the caption Sunnyvale. This adds an extra bit of spark. The thing that you would also like is the overall quality of the cotton that goes behind the making. I am not too much of an advocate for the term official shirts but the one thing that I have discovered by sheer experience is that they tend to last way longer compared to cheap imitations.

The very first thing that you need to look at is the quality of print. This in turn is also linked to the base material. The manufacturers with license also have a reputation to protect. Therefore you can assume that they would probably do the extra bit to ensure high levels of quality.

And finally, some amount of responsibility also rests on the customer. If you are going to just throw the shirt in the whirling washing machine, no amount of money can recover the lost sheen and shine. I wash my trailer park shirts with hands and absolutely no machine wash for me. If you are going to use the device then please go for cold  wash with soft delicate detergents. Spend on new never seen prints and preserve the old ones.