Big Foot Samsquanch T-Shirt With Big Glasses Printed On Front – 5 shades- Men Women & Youth

samsquanch bigfoot t-shirt


Wow! There you go in your Samsquanch shirt. The trailer park boys glasses printed right on front makes a great view. It is really now or never, that kind of feeling. I do not know the exact kind of message you would like to convey but the shirt works great during informal events. Whether or not you are willing to take the journey in a formal event is totally up to you.

I like the dark background over which there is the word Samsquanch written with great precision. Everyone will not understand the meaning behind the words since many are yet to watch the boys on screen. But in case you have already done so ( assuming you are a fan! ) there is a huge amount of worth in this one.

Black, Navy, Brown, Olive and Dark Heather; these are the available shades. All of them work well with denims. I would prefer the blue denims all the time. They seem to fit in with all the tees. Mine are the extra loose that allow me to breathe.

I have seen people wearing so tight ones that it makes me suffocate. I mean, look at the crotch region for some guys, (hahahha), it seems that something is pulling them apart! You should not sacrifice the entire comfort factor just to get in that style quotient. This is why cotton tees and loose denims are ideal. When you feel good you tend to have good results.

The Samsquanches varieties are already popular in the trailer park merchandise series. I have seen people queunig for them in stores. I find it easy to order online and simply wait for the package to arrive. Utilizing my Amazon prime subscription gives me that extra advantage as I am able to obtain one day delivery on many items. Why invest time when you can save?