Mens Liquormen Trailer Park Boys T Shirt From DressCode

Mens Liquormen Trailer Park Boys T Shirt From DressCode

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Dirty, Greasy or may be Sassy, but the boys are amazing. And so are the shirts. I don’t have much to introspect on the term Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky but the design brings a truly movie feel to it. It is surely a good piece to have for the fans. The fact that it is a licensed movie merchandise adds to the value just a bit more.

If you ask me about the license factor, I really do not pay much attention to it. The design has to be the attractor factor and the source may be anyone ranging from the street shops to the top sellers on Amazon.

It is a street smart print with a dash of yellow shade. The print has a sort of retro feel to it and you may have memories of the good times coming back. There are quite a few of those in my friends circle and the best part is that things keep getting better and interesting. I mean more weekend parties are on the cards and I do not see a dearth of such times in the near future.

Of course the thought of my new upcoming work life gives a lot of jitters. I wish the college life could continue forever along with the trailer park episodes that we used to enjoy on those dull boring evenings. Why do all good things come to an end? Do they really come to an end or it is just my view of life gone a little bit along the wrong path.

If you are shirt lover this is a good print regardless of the fact that it represents a movie. Even an absolute no knowledge about the trailer park would not prevent you from admiring the worth of this apparel. Looks like I need to create some more space in my overflowing wardrobe.