The Ricky Trailer Park Boys Houndstooth Shirt Will Reflect Your Style Quotient


ricky trailer park boys houndstooth shirtAlthough I am more of a t-shirt fan, the houndstooth shirt of ricky remains the bestselling item in trailer park boys clothing series. I think people are in love with Ricky. I see no other reason behind this profound affinity. Personally, I use in the bowling matches. Some extra style makes you look like a winner, even though I do not win so many!

Many also used it for Halloween celebrations. It was a roaring success in many parties. If you can combine the houndstooth shirt with just a little bit of wit and humor, there is no stopping to the fame and attention. Most people rely only on the apparel, though. A little bit of personality addition would be of great help. I have two sizes in this series because sometimes you need a little bit of muscle show off. No fighting here but just a little bit of show off. On most occasions I wear the loose fit variety.

Plan your next party with the ricky look and you might gain that extra motivating attention in the group. In any case, it will be fun.