The Mustard Tiger Orange T-Shirt Brings The Mountain Power And Grace


the mustard tigerThe tiger with a mustard look! If you have seen that episode, you can probably resonate with the feelings of trailer park boys. If not, go get your subscription on Netflix or any other video sharing account. You might find the TV episodes better than the movies, but I would differ in case you have that opinion. A full TPB movie is a different kind of experience all-together. You cannot compare that feeling with that of episodes. But yes, they have a unique charm too. Sometimes we need a dosage of both the elements. So get going with the fun.

The mustard tiger feeling resonates in this t-shirt. You can awe someone with the looks. There is power and grace in it. This one has been lying in my shelf for quite some time now. I am waiting for a good occasion to showcase it. You might want to wear it in a haste but better research the moment and go for it. But don’t wear it in office though! You might get fired!