Fabulous I Am The Liquor Vintage Shirt By Zoko Apparel

In a i am the liquor vintag t-shirt

He looks older and a little bit fragile but Jim Lahey is in his elements all the time. Check out the front design on this shirt and you can see that the spirits are still high. And of course, he has the glass in his hand. The shirts of Jim Lahey are revered among the trailer park fans. For this reason the merchandise section gets updated really fast. And you can understand the joy and enthusiasm when another one of the “I am the liquor” shirt gets released.

I thought that the Ricky shirts had the highest number of fans but it seems like I have not checked out some elements of the section. There is a quite and massive fan following for all the characters of the trailer park boys movie series. It is sometimes difficult to find the vintage classic Jim Lahey shirts online. Thankfully, Amazon has quite a fabulous collection.

What is your favourite Jim Lahey scene? Just think about it and you will find laughter coming in from all sides. In case you want to generate laughter among others wear this shirt and move out of the house. Some will stare at you and some will laugh but you will surely find a set of amusing reactions it will not be a normal day for sure. And most importantly, you will be able to check out the magic of trailer Park boys right in front of your eyes.