Randy Shirt Of Trailer Park Boys – A Big Cheeseburger


Randy Shirt Of Trailer Park Boys - A Big CheeseburgerI am quite sure that your love for Randy might be at par with the trailer park boys. After all, he adds great value to the band. The Randy Cheeseburger shirt reminds of this amazing character. It is something that i refer as one look humor. You may not notice that you have immersed yourself in the art but the t-shirt makes you look at itself again and again. It is not a highly creative design that you may find in other categories. But the effectiveness of the print lies the popularity that it extracts from the user base. And in this case, the result is awesome.

The Cheeseburger shirt will add that extra glamour in any informal get-together but you need to be sure that you are willing to wear one. And if you do wear it, then people would perhaps single you out for a trailer park fan. In my case, that is a positive thing but that is so among the students. I am not sure about other circles. But the tee provides humor in all occasions.

Right now the only one in this category comes with a white background. Black one is not to be seen but I hope something comes out in the near future. This design is already there for a long time now. A simple variation would do no harm to its popularity.