No Trailer Park For A Long Time!


Bubbles And Kitties T Shirt Trailer Park Boys - Great CombinationHave to admit that I am missing the boys! It has been now three weeks of hectic studies and I haven’t watched one episode of trailer park. No time in hand and the academics keeps getting heavier. The good news is that the holidays are just round the corner and you cannot help thinking about that one word; yes SHOPPING! On a philosophical note, I am not too much into indulgence but then the latest designs in Sunnyvale prints make me crave for more. Might not opt for the t-shirts this time as the season demands for hoodies and sweat-shirts. But you can always wear one  in the warm comfort of your room.

After long time careful washing of the Bubbles and Kitties print, it is now time to get a new one. It was first one in this series and the new one will be exactly the same thing. This classical design cannot change. I don’t how Bubbles plans to spend his holiday season but I will surely take out the DVD set and create another magical get-together session;