Black Flask I Am The Liquor 8oz

Black Flask I Am The Liquor 8ozI am the Liquor and now I have this flask. This is a classic item to collect. The black flask is elegant and has a holding capacity of 8oz. I am not advising you to actually liquor the flask out. Keep in the case and show it to friends. It qualifies as a TPB gifting item and is also affordable.

New creative items are hitting stocks. I can find something unique every single on Amazon. Most of it is online stuff as there is no way to contact these sellers directly. And most importantly I need the assurance of a large online store to feel comfortable in buying new stuff.

8oz I Am the Liquor Flask L1


There is another gunmetal colored flask in this series. My vote, however, rests with the black piece. Whether apparels or gift items, you must have something in black.

The Liquor flask weighs only 6.1 ounces. Shipping costs will always remain low on account on this. Have some overseas friends? This might come up as a Christmas gift.


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    1. The base is common for all. All you need is a cutely designed outer cover. Try out art and craft pages on Facebook. You will easily find creative artists who will design the flask cover. By the way, it looks great!

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