The Bubbles Trailer Park Boys Glasses Completes The Real Cosutme Look

bubbles trailer park boys glasses


Most fans find the Mike Smith look cool. You might love the dashing style conscious Ricky but there is an chubby charm associated with this guy. Having a t-shirt with the Kitties print might not be enough if you are looking to bring out the complete look. You probably will need some additional help in the form of bubbles trailer park boys glasses.

You can call it the simplest item in the trailer park boys merchandise series. There are tons of other memorabilia that one might invest in. But you need big pockets for that. This one coupled with the t-shirts form the low cost yet effective ones in the list.

In fact, having the nerdy mike smith glasses will prove to be a help in several occasions. You might want to look special in that boring office party or have some extra limelight during the weekend get-together. Whatever may be the case, a matching combination of t-shirt and glasses will surely bring the elusive Bubbles look into reality. You might not have the chubby face that Mike so comfortably puts across the screen. But the thing that I crave for most is the attitude. You can bring about so many subtle changes with the right kind of attitude.

I am also planning to create a trailer park boys costume for this year’s Halloweens party. I am not so much a fan about scary options since humor comes close to my heart. My suggestion is to move out of the scary scheme of things and focus on making the other person smile or at least chuckle, at the sight of someone wearing the big nerdy glasses on a pumped up face.

What is your plan for the season? Share some cool ideas on the Facebook page and I might be tempted to try that out. Don’t worry about the fear of idea being repeated. I will try that somewhere far away without the glare of social media!