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Ever since the movies came these boys have a created a new space for themselves. The trailer park boys have preserved their individual as well as group identities. This means that you find a huge demand for Ricky-Bubbles- Julian combined t-shirts as well as their individual prints with quotations. The entire franchise has been rather easy for the marketing industry. First of all, you do not have to convince people about something they already like. Even before the movies came out, the TV series had already created a fan base. These are not people who would come out for the concerts just for fun. They are motivated people who genuinely love this brand of unique comedy. I did not require any motivation to order the Bubbles & Kitties t-shirt last year. I am a fan of Bubbles and love his style of comedy. In fact, the entire Trailer Park style of humor resonates with many of us.

Officially licensed implies good quality shirts and hoodies


Okay, I am not going into the literal meaning of the words. We all know what licensed means. But more importantly, you have the best chance of getting high quality prints in good comfortable fabric. In fact, you may not get many of the designs from unknown sellers. And there is no basis to the fact that the licensed ones come at high prices. Some of the best trailer park shirts are available on Amazon at really affordable rates. Spend some time researching on the inventory and you will get the desired shirt.