Lahey For 2020 An Interesting Possibility And Probably An Exciting One!


Radical changes in political circles are rare. There are only two camps in general and we keep tossing the ball from one court to another. One of my weekend discussions went to the point of imagining Mr Jim Lahey as the big one  for 2020. Oh, it would change the political circles for sure!

Imagine the language that would be used in debates and yes, the iconic I Am The Liquor shirts would become compulsory! You can expect big changes in the way we live life. Oh man, just make that happen even if it is a one day affair.

Anyway, the funny banter continued in the night with important positions being distributed to Ricky, Bubbles and Julian. They are the big shots, of course.

If you happen to resonate such ideas feel free to organize weekend discussions to ward off a little bit of gloom that comes around often.