Jim Lahey I Am The Liquor Shirt Continues To Impress Fans Across Countries

watching you like a shit hawk tshirtjim lahey trailer park boys vintage shirt


The Trailer Park boys movie series is no ordinary Hollywood or Canadian affair. It has a sort of cult following across countries. You might never see another one in the same league. Yes, this is a real probability when it comes to genuine humor in the industry. It takes effort to make something of this nature and make sure that every character has a unique impressionable contribution in the saga. Take for example, Mr Jim Lahey. This man stands for his one line ” I am the Liquor” and you have t-shirts flooded with his images all over.

His tee shirts have a sort of rebel spirit ingrained. This remark was given by one of my college professors. Never knew that even the academics were taking interest in the TPB saga!

Nevertheless, there are instances when you might need that kind of easy attitude. After all, we have not had much success with stubborn behaviors.

Character biography in a nutshell


He is the famous of Sunnyvale Trailer park. A long time back he used to don the uniform and was someone who stuck to the rules. Yes, he was a police officer. The trio of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles caused his wrongful termination and from there onwards started the alcoholic saga. But still he cares for Sunnyvale and ensures that the living situation goes better. This task is made easier by his assistant Randy. The only person who comes under his explosive radar is Ricky.

The others receive the good part of his behavior. He considers Ricky and Julian as the troublemakers and naturally they are a thereat in his eyes. Hence most of his efforts are directed towards busting their illegal activities and making sure that they land up in jail time and again.

Of course, all these plots come along with a lot of humor and you will be fascinated with the entire scheme of things.