New Trailer Park Boys 2oz Shot Glasses Set – Cheers For The TPB Legacy And Spirit


A cool set of 4 square shaped 2 oz trailer park boys shot glasses  has the capacity to make your day. (In case the exact options are not available the link will show the best matching options)

It seems like a good addition in any kitchen. The thing is made from clear glass and each one has a different icon ( Ricky, Bubbles and Julian) on it. The fourth one shows the trailer park boys logo.

If you are looking to celebrate the good old TPB spirit, this might help in the cause. A good laugh probably, with friends all around, I  would love to spend time like that.

Shirts do come in my preferred list of items but sometimes you need to change the flavor a bit. They are also good gift options for someone having the same mindset.

I see no sign of a new TPB movie coming soon. Guess I have to rewind the old DVDs or play out some of the episodes from their TV shows. I like to watch them even when alone even though the real fun is in the group weekend parties watching them together with my laughter buddies.

Be careful with the shot glasses if you are planning to get a set. Make sure that you reserve a special place in the cabinet. After all, the TPB spirit needs to be honored.