How To Meet Trailer Park Boys For A Personal Selfie?


Bubbles And Kitties T Shirt Trailer Park Boys - Great CombinationCan anyone reading the blog help me in meeting the trailer park boys? I do not want to roam on the Hollywood streets though! I mean, is there any close knit concert where I may get a close look? I have attended one big concert and it does not help when you are seated towards the extreme end. Actually, I was lucky to attend that event. But anyway, the desire is always there to at least get a hands on autograph and one grand selfie. That’s the trend these days because simply having the t-shirt collection will not complete the package.
If I do manage to get a personalized selfie, it would surely be my next trailer park custom tee. The designs that I already have are rare enough to gather immediate attention, but the magic of custom touch presents a totally different feeling.
So do let me know if there is a good enough opportunity in your area. For now, it’s time to meet the heroes on YouTube!