Back To The Trailer Park Spirit!


Back To The Trailer Park Spirit!Ok, a lot of study makes me a dull boy. Feels nice to be blogging in the trailer park boys spirit after a hectic three month schedule. In fact, no trailer park movies in this phase. My dad would be surely surprised! But how long can you keep the bee away from the honey. This Friday would be the reunion of our gang with the Countdown To Liquor Day dvd. And I am waiting for it eagerly. More importantly, the weather is getting warmer. This means that it is time to showcase the best t-shirts of Sunnyvale and trailer park. My wardrobe seems to be calling for new shirts and looks like it’s time to ask dad for some extra cash.

I am currently looking for a new design in the bubbles and kitties series. Some fresh background colors would be interesting. My personal choice is deep blue but it is hard to find it in the ready to use section. If you have never bought one, you need the grey one only. It is the classic and original one for starters. Experimentation comes at a later stage.