Fleece Throw Blanket Of Trailer Park Boys 46″ X 60″

Fleece Throw Blanket Of Trailer Park Boys 46" X 60"How about a 46″X60″ blanket that reminds of the TPB boys? No, I haven’t bought it as yet, but it is a cute little gift piece. This seems like movie fever day and night!  It is a funny blanket for sure. If you are having trouble with sleepless nights this might help in the long run!

The fleece blanket uses a wide array of contrasting colors to create a graphic impression. Adding to that is the classic image of the three guys with Bubbles in the center. It is a lush green background with greenery occupying the center stage. Green is soothing to the eyes. Maybe that is why the makers chose this shade. The image looks real as it is professionally handcrafted.

The material is polyester and you need to wash it only in cold water for both machine and hand. Avoid any kind of bleaching and use only cold iron. Take the precautions and your blanket will remain fresh and vibrant and full of energy. Oh, I forgot to mention that it is officially licensed. Mentioning the word official brings in a new set of feelings. But I am more concerned with quality. Officially licensed versions tend to last better. This is my hands on experience.

By the way, if you are really having a problem with sleepless nights, meditation might hold relevant answers.