Bugging Bug Eye Specs That Might Make Me Smarter


Bugging Bug Eye Specs That Might Make Me SmarterWhat do these dorky bug eye specs do? Well, truth be told, I have no idea about it! But as a matter of fact, I am keen to experiment with the new style and the Bubble shirt. Who knows, you might have something new store. The 10 inch frame hides a substantial amount of facial emotion and you definitely look funnier. Those who fret about ways of getting the nerdy look will find them as an additional help.

However the buggy specs are not everything. You do need the attitude to carry off the style. Otherwise you are heavily dependent on the costume to create the right impression, which, in my view, is not a smart idea. So practice your conversations in advance so that you can have those witty quotations at your disposal.

Let me give you an easier idea. Just watch the trailer park episodes one by one and season after season. Revise the dialogues and you can rest assured. Yeah, you cannot say everything that is being said out there. But creative ideas are always good to have.