Award Winning GB Shirt From Trailer Park Boys – Parts Unknown


Award Winning GB Shirt From Trailer Park Boys - Parts UnknownNothing to brag but my choice has won the best t-shirt award. It was a weekend party where people had to give ratings on individual shirts. Mine, it turns out, received the highest ratings in the round neck category. This is a shirt that I adore and have tried to maintain its sheen and shine over a long period of time. People find it hard to believe that it is a one-year-old product. Cold washing by hand and a good after-wash can bring in magic they say.

What did I receive as the prize? That is an important question! A free eat and drink session at one of the costliest pubs in town.

I was almost sure that the GB green tee would rank among the top three here. The trailer park guys have infused a lot of buzz for it. In fact, the shade of green is strikingly attractive, if you are willing to go by my description.

Waiting for the next round of competition to begin in November this year. It is an informal event but I attach a lot of pride to it. The passion comes from my love towards the Sunnyvale guys. Long live trailer park!