Brown Shade You Mess With Me Mess With Trailer Park Shirt


Brown Shade You Mess With Me Mess With Trailer Park ShirtLooks like this quotation is among the most loved quotes by the trailer park boys. No wonder, tee designers focus on this a lot more. The prints keep on changing but the text remains the same. This one is a brown background base and there is a lovely couple print with a trailer on it. The “You mess with me” is like an arching slogan over the photo which adds a new meaning. If you have the black and white version of this quote based shirt, this will add some freshness. The design availability is for everyone; men, women, and youth.

Sometimes I tend to think that the popularity of trailer park boys is all about their witty quotations. People want some cool one-liners in their lives. It also depicts the kind of person you are.  This quotation is not aggressive in nature but rather funny. Someone who has no idea about trailer park may tend to think otherwise. But most people would smile at that.

My suggestion is to have some kind of funny t-shirt at all times. In fact, I invest only in funny shirts because they add some meaning to life. I love it when people smile on reading the quotations or the graphics are funny enough to evoke laughter.