Something’s F##ky T-Shirt In Black


Black T Shirt Something's F##ky !It is a Gildan high-quality tee but the quote is a touch on the adult side! I dare not wear it in the college. However, the black shirt can get you a lot of attention in a public place. Wear it where you do not have the fear of being judged for your actions. Places like weekend joints are perfect. Make sure that your parents never visit the place or you in for some trouble! The world is sure a bit of a conservative place.

My friend laughed out loud on reading the print. He just couldn’t control himself. Saw something hugely funny in it. No big deal if you have seen the movie. Both the movies of the trailer park boys are full of witty lines. In fact, you can write a whole book if you want. Let me take one great example; ” I am the Liquor”. It is hard to believe that there is a whole cult of shirts based on the Liquor line. And there is nothing spectacular about the design. A simple black tee with the line printed in white. It is simply the power of words at its best.