Who Wants My Kitties? I Want Yours- Says Bubbles

trailer park boys i want your kitties shirt

Bubbles wants your kitties! You might want someone else’s though! In the name of Bubbles you can send the same message and no one, in my view, will feel offended. And certainly not if there are trailer park boys fans around. With this very intention have got this Kitties t-shirt for my friend, who happens to not like my way of life somewhat.


Being a hostel roommate is no guarantee that the other person will appreciate your way of life. It’s all friendship between us but he still criticizes my way of life and my extra inclination for the trailer park boys.


I have also displayed this Kitties message in one beer party to one of my seniors. He is the one who always has a advice for you, whether you want it or not. Sometimes it gets quite annoying and you want to convey  him some message. My trailer park clothing has a lot of answers for such situations. In fact, everyone in my group pays a close attention to the quotations that I display. They are in search of hidden messages but not its not every time that I do so. Some Ricky and Bubbles quotations are reserved for those special moments.