The Green GB Shirt – Parts Unkown Forever!


gb parts unknown green t shirtSome t-shirts of the trailer park boys clothing section generate an instant liking. The GB parts Unknown is one such name. It does not have a feature rich graphic print and there are no big captions or quotations to impress others. However, you will notice that it attracts attention in one go. This is what I look for in most shirts. It is another thing that most TPB shirts deliver this expectation of mine.

The future is unknown and so are our inner expectations. GB Parts Unknown shirt brings some spirituality along. That is only my expert opinion. I am sure that the makers did not intend to do so. But when you are in the Sunnyvale spirit you tend to assume a lot of positive things in life. And I do not see anything wrong with that. If you leave your mind alone it automatically brings in something negative. That’s second nature for most of us. It is much better that we use our command and impose something positive. It can’t do much harm to feel positive!

For the X size lovers, there is a 3X large option there. Feel all the air in the loose fitting and bring home the fresh summer air.