What Does Houndstooth Pattern Look Like For Ricky Styled Shirts In Trailer Park Boys?

The question is a no brainer. Who would you rate as the most influential character in the TPB series? The answer invariably revolves around Ricky. The effect is such that every element of his personality has given rise to a cult fan following. One such option is the iconic houndstooth shirt that has emerged as a perfect option in the trailer park merchandise series. So, what does houndstooth pattern look like? The answer lies solely in the imagery below!

Ricky Houndstooth Black And White Lounge Shirt For Men -Short Sleeve


This shirt has a lot of story behind it. If you have watched the trailer park TV series and movies, the answer would be right there in imaginations. The one sight of this personality gives a good lasting shot of wit and humor. Many try to exhibit the subtle elements of his oratory style in real life with good amount of success. This might perhaps offer a quick way to gain some fan following.

What does houndstooth pattern look like according to the TPB movies and TV series

It is a classic black and white print. You might consider a bowling shirt perhaps or even a Saturday evening casual shirt. Rest assured; you will grasp the attention of the masses. That is perhaps the goal of the show, attracting the right amount of attention at the right time. I have used this shirt extensively during the college days when parties and get-togethers had a new meaning in life. Of course, when things get a bit monotonous you can always experiment with other options in the wardrobe.

But there are some attires that you can rely upon to bring on the lost world charm. The houndstooth shirt gives me the option of going back in time. Not that it is not in the modern league of attires but just that there is strong college days link to it that gives me that immense bout of nostalgia when required.

If you will analyze from a fashion point of view the black and white stripes are not unusual. There have been such patterns in the past but just that portrayal by Ricky in the Sunnyvale dump gives it a unique flavor. If you have never tried this, you can safely have it in the buying options soon.

More about Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys

We need to have a closer look at the man behind the inspiration of houndstooth pattern shirts. Ricky is essentially a fun-loving character and his idea of fun revolves around chicken fries, alcohol, ravioli, cigarettes, chips and practically anything that has something to do with weekend fun. His fast-talking manner creates a credible trap like situation and allows people to go for his schemes. And then you have Julian, his best friend since childhood. Many people ask; what does Julian drink and the answer lies extensively in booze.

In the first movie released in the year 1999 he is seen doing drugs with Julian and the plot revolves around him getting out of prison. Ricky and Julian show a lot of co-dependency. Ricky shows different shades, and you cannot classify him as the stereotypical negative or positive character. You find him good natured, but he can be mean, aggressive, and volatile too. The bottom line is that he is a troublemaker and rarely takes responsibility for his actions.

The evidence of his wrongdoings is neatly tossed away in the lake which you can witness in the various episodes. People love the one-liners and Rickyisms but his actual intelligence is quite low.

In season 2 he starts to gain some education. The progress is good but after passing 10 and 11 the failure in Grade 12 happens. To experience this part, you need to check out the movie Countdown to Liquor Day.

Ricky is a practical and something like “Jack of all trades”. So, he plays street hockey, fixes cars, cooks and increases his practical expertise. What makes him stand apart is the quick-thinking ability to get out of trouble. The way he generates those arguments which counter even the best of experts is simply amazing.

It is funny to find Ricky becoming a grandfather in season 9. His daughter Trinity gives birth to a son and Ricky finds this reality hard to accept. The father of the child is Jacob Collins who has a similar character. In season 9 you will also find the funny pet baby goat called Willy.

Ricky will not go for a real job and therefore he is pitted against the law. On some days however, he will show that rare dedication towards work. The best part about his personality are the one-liners that have often become the subjects of t-shirts. Fans love these dialogues, and these become the subjects of memorabilia. His signature dress, the black track pants and the houndstooth pattern shirt have attained cult status. He is the true Canadian star.