Welcome To The Shit Show Tee In Black – All Three Boys Image In One Circle

Trailer Park Boys Men's Sht Show T-Shirt

Some pics are iconic and some tees are iconic. When the combination is right you can expect something that has a lot of passion to it. This shirt is something that has all the traits to be placed in that category.

The black shade has always been one of my favorites and most of my TPB outfts reflect that choice. You can always opt for the other beautiful shades out there but there is something magical about the mysterious black side of things.

My fascination with black goes to my school days. Another advantage is that you can easily pair most of the outfits without losing much of the fashoin sense.

The circle logo on this print has a very genuine feel to it. It is like a true camaradrie which is so hard to find these days. In life, you must treasure the true bonds as far as possible because there are not too many options to choose from. With the highly materialistic nature of the modern society, these bonds offer a sense of relief. And yes, there are always the times when you can rely on such relationships.

I guess, it is for this reason that you can sense a strange liking for the trailer park boys movies and anything remotely connected to them.