Mens Block Tee T-Shirt Of Trailer Park Boys – Licensed Movie T-Shirt

block t shirt trailer park boys

Ok, so what’s the big deal with wearing a movie t-shirt? It’s the feel man, it’s the feel! And you would agree that Trailer park boys deserve that enhanced legacy that now has a cult feeling to it.

This licensed movie tee in dark shade has everything in it that a fan would perhaps need. You have all the boys and the TPB line. That is enough to show your inclinations to a major part of the globe.

I would not hesistate to say that you can even wear it in the office space. Of course, if your boos is able to understand the spirits. Otherwise my friend, you would be taking a big risk!

I have had some pretty awkward experiences during the college days. Most professors would not notice that lines but some Ricky quotes are too high to not be noticed! You get the point of view I guess.

This shirt is a pure cotton fabric and ideal for summer situations or when the going gets hot.

You can wear it as an inner and then reveal the inside as and when the situation demands. There are so many options that TPB shirts that it hard to discuss all in one post. Still waiting for the next movie in this series. Don’t know why they are postponing the new production for such a long time. Anyways, the old ones are also cool to watch during weekends!