Vintage Jim Lahey Shirt With The Classic Retro Feel

vintage jim lahey shirt

The name is enough. This vintage Jim Lahey shirt is sure to generate a classy retro feel. The boldly printed “I am the Liquor” has a lot of meaning for the trailer park fans. This shirt is a great addition to any wardrobe. I wish one of my professors would wear it while giving the lectures! The classes would definitely have a deeper meaning.

You can wear the shirt in any casual occasion and I am sure the results would be great. I mean the front design generates so much awe.

Life is not all about partying and enjoying. I would agree to this point of view. But in making a living we are forgetting the basics of life. The TPB spirit is so much about being in the moment. You are here and now. And then you tend to relax. That’s where the party begins.

I have a different version of this apparel. It was procured about two years back. The shine is still intact because of my hand washing abilities!

If you are a fan of Jim Lahey this t-shirt might generate a lot of interest. It is also a great gift item because of the star appeal. Even when you are totally unaware of the personality, the picture of this man holding life in  the present makes you wonder about the basic goals in life.

Not trying the demean anybody’s life but some guys need to relax a bit. So many have this habit of acquiring unnecessary hypertensions.