Trailer Park Funny RV T-Shirt With Mobile Home Print


Trailer Park Funny RV T-Shirt With Mobile Home PrintLooks like I want to take this home! Of course, the mobile home print belongs to the Trailer Park boys living in Sunnyvale. So if you are vagabond by nature, grab this shirt and get going. Just kidding folks, but the shirt clearly brings in the free spirit of the boys. Sometimes I feel like a slave when forced to complete those bulky assignments in college. But then life isn’t about having fun doing the tasks that I like. It is about enjoying the tasks that one has to do. It is like enjoying your duties with a smile. This funny RV shirt seems to carry the same spirit. It might be an exaggeration but then, it is always a great idea to associate feelings and emotions with what you wear.

The product offers three variants: Men, Women and youth. Therefore, I guess all aspirations are taken care of! No one can complain about the lack of availability of the right design. Choosing the right size is, however, your responsibility.

The deep blue background is my favorite for this funny t-shirt. Black is an all time hit but the mobile home seems to fit in more with the deep blue shade. A total of 5 shades are available. Go ahead and get your trailer back home!