Ladies T-Shirt-Mess With Me Mess With Whole Trailer Park


Ladies T-Shirt-Mess With Me Mess With Whole TrailerFinally something great for the ladies! The famous quote “mess with me and you mess with the whole trailer park” has a new set of fan following now. This ladies shirt of the trailer park boys is perfect to show your adventure spirit. Now getting enough attention in important places? I think this will solve a large part of the problem!

Let us dive into some important product details. The shirt is a made in Michigan one and the material is 100{4be404f03870929f38922bf132858a35c6db266f472178b8240f995958b07430} pre-shrunk cotton. The print is extremely professional and will last for a long time. Take care while washing and it will remain as new.

The dark background compliments the graphic quotation as it allows good readability. After all, it is important that the other person is able to clearly recognize the text and comprehend the meaning within the shortest possible time.  Don’t forget that you are out there to create a solid impression. Where to wear this one? Good question!! My suggestion; the weekend bar parties. You might find the best like-minded people for your attitude.