Trailer Park Boys High Gloss Wall Art By Rabbit Tanaka

Trailer Park Boys High Gloss Wall Art

Something that you cannot ignore? Is that on your wall? This high gloss wall art poster speaks volumes about the trailer park boys. First and foremost, it is an instant eye catcher. Come on! How can you not see that on the wall!

The boys do what they do best and manage to do everything in style. The way Ricky is holding the glass and the gesture of Bubbles along with the style of Ricky, what else do you need. Adding to the fact is that this is something like a branded licensed item from the merchandise section. Its a high glass print on premium MDF board and frame. 

A good item for the fans and newcomers both. If you are looking for a daily dose of the humor without moving an inch, get that on the ceiling ! I wont do that though! Because some wishes to are better moving in the figments of imagination