The Houndstooth Shirt Of Ricky To Create Classic Party Looks


the-houndstooth-shirt-of-ricky-to-create-classic-party-looksMany search for this houndstooth shirt during the Halloween season or for other costume parties. This iconic Ricky creation looks good even when you have no idea about the trailer park boys. Let us admit this fact. Many of the bestselling shirts obtain their charm from the characters that lie printed on it. This apparel though, contains just the design and gives you neat classic look.

If you want to create stunning looks using the hounds-tooth design be prepared to trim your beard in the way Ricky does. I have noticed that a well shaped beard will add a lot of points to the type of personality that you are looking to dish out. In fact, it adds weight to your character. So plan your visit to the salon as early as possible.

Make sure that the shirt fittings are up to the mark and experiment with at least two sizes in any case. A slight loose fitting will be the best as you would need some amount of relaxed breathing space.

Those with a little round belly region can also opt for XX or even XXX sizes. Don’t be shy of wearing the right size for your looks. If the costume fits bad or is uncomfortable, you are looking forward towards dissatisfaction during the entire party. After all, you also need to focus on the kind of conversations that you make. The houndstooth shirt might give you the Ricky look but you have to utilize the power by using the power of communication. Plan your day well in advance and reshape your looks accordingly.