The Cutest Trailer Park Boys T-Shirt

Trailer Park Boys 'Bubbles & Kitties' Gray T-shirtIts cute and its classic. The Bubbles & Kitties t-shirt is, in my view, the cutest trailer park boys shirt. What makes me fall in love is its simplicity. The eternally lost Bubbles seems to be searching some answers regarding the game of life. Two cosy little cats sitting on his shoulders seem to portray the kind of mood he is in. And then the big boomy glasses. Many of my friends identify with this image. The feeling resonates in the students community. This classic gray style is never going out of fashion. I forgot to tell you the line printed below the image; “A dope trailer is no place for a kitty”. You can sum up the emotions from here on. If you are a fan, this shirt occupies an important place in the collection.

There are concerts where TPB group performs and amuses the audience. My plan is to wear this in one of them. I also have some 2005 concert shirts but I guess my feelings are more with Bubbles.

Wearing these gives me a sense of relaxation. Whenever the mood swings occur, they help me regain the balance. Life is sometimes easy and sometimes too hot to handle. Thank God we have some means to cope with it. If you have a passion and have the energy to go for it, life would pass by like a game. Think about what you are good at and invest some time in perfecting it. It does not have to be something to impress others. What interests you is your concern.