Funny Parody T-Shirt Straight Out Of The Trailer

Funny Parody T-Shirt Straight Out Of The TrailerLooks like there is some sort of a new fashion trend going around. Funny shirts are making waves among students. But what I can observe with great satisfaction is that trailer park boys are leading the pack. Straight Outta the Trailer is a great caption for any t-shirt but even more, when you are familiar with the TPB antics.

The black shirt presents a clear picture of an inverted trailer in white. You can find the text printed directly below the trailer image. It is a good contrast in black and white. You can be sure of the fact that the message on the print goes out loud and clear. There is nothing better than the feeling that your shirt is making an impact in the crowd or making smile and laugh.


Although there are many TPB logo shirts around the ones with funny parody style prints work better. This is a professionally printed shirt and the manufacturing is done in the US. So, you can proudly say that it’s a made in USA shirt. Not that it gives you some added leverage.
Straight out of the Trailer is a good caption for several gift items too. For example, you can get custom mugs with this print. But it’s nothing compared to an apparel as you are wearing the feelings on the heart!