The Bubbles Decent Shirt Brings Joy Fun And Humor For Everyone

bubbles decent shirt

Sometimes you develop a strange liking towards apparels and certain designs. The bubbles decent shirt is definitely in that category. Designed with inspiration drawn from the iconic Bubbles from the trailer park series, this shirt comes straight out of the vintage collection.


Try creating a similar expression on your face. I won’t come off so easily. That’s why this guy is the master or rather the master of on-your-face style of comedy.


The decent bubbles shirt is pretty much the sum total of the casual attitude that one can muster for the entire weekend. You feel it within and the shirt says the rest. This is the perfect get-together outfit that you will need to pair with the denim. One of my buddies took this along during the annual camping and trekking trip. No wonder he was able to garner a lot of attention without much of a personality investment!


The the complete look won’t materialize without the iconic nerdy glasses. But even beyond that you need to develop some sort of custom style. Of all the art forms, humor is the one that reaps the most benefits but is extremely difficult to bring out on a satisfactory level.