Tee Shirt With Sunnyvale Trailer Park Design


Tee Shirt With Sunnyvale Trailer Park DesignOnly a handful designs would qualify as authentic Sunnyvale t-shirts. No, I do not mean that the others are fake but you know I am talking from the sense of a trailer park boys fan. You need the print that gets you thinking about the boys. This Straight Outta Sunnyvale in black has been compared with different tee shirts in various online forums. Most of the discussion hang in favor of this one. If you would ask the specialty of the design, the answer would be hard to frame in tangible terms. My suggestion is to watch any one of the movies and then decide on your own. Things become easier then.

Sunnyvale is the area where the entire fun takes place. This is the originating point. The other prints that I came across were focused mainly on the political geography of the place and not on the boys. You dont need the actual reference to any place. The shirt should make the viewer connect with the boys. This should be the thought process behind the making of any print.

Honestly speaking, I have never felt the need for custom shirts in this sector. I mean to say that the existing collections are enough to handle customer expectations. Of course, if you have the intention and the budget to get it done, go for it. But before that you should check the inventory on regular stores. On most occasions you will find the Ricky or Bubbles that you have in mind. And the cost will surely be less than the designer ones.