Ricky Loves This Lounge Shirt In Black – Create The Party Look


Ricky Loves This Lounge Shirt In Black - Create The Party LookI am sure Ricky would love it. This shirt oozes the confidence that you normally associate with the boys from trailer park. It is a lounge shirt that creates a damn good impression in black and white. Most people would call it the houndstooth version but the maker do not insist that you identify only with this description. The button down apparel is something made for the real cool parties. Many such events are coming up this month and as always, I am excited about them.

There is strange perception within me that an image of Ricky in mind gives you a odd sense of confidence in meetings, I mean the informal ones. You just stop judging yourself and get into the flow. That flow is the very essence of life. Not just this cool piece but any shirt of him brings in the same feelings in my case. I can perfectly wear the Ricky dope sleeve logo on and get on with the show. Is this something that happens when you watch too much of the same stuff again and again. I guess no because I feel a genuine sense of fan feeling in me which no amount of reasoning can take away.