Significance of Trailer Park Boys Clothing In My Life

bubbles decent red t shirtWhat can you expect from any of the t-shirts involving the trailer park boys? There is of course, an element of style and passion but more than that it is the subtle messaging that you convey to the outer world. You might not be the bravest soul on earth, but there is something that moves you. You have dared to reveal what you truly believe. And that does not have to be loud and noisy. You do that by some nerve whacking in the trailer park clothing series.

The first one in your list has to be the Bubbles one. It is something that most people relate to. I have even dared to wear it during a highly sophisticated formal occasion. I would not advise you to do the same as the world might not appreciate your efforts. But it was that kind of day and I was in a rebellious mode.

The one advice that arises from the core of my being is to take care of the shirts that you already have in the wardrobe. You can always buy the next one but a simple care filled washing routine adds a huge life to the clothing. And not to say it again, I always hand-wash the stuff.