Ricky Trailer Park Boys Costume – The Shirt Makes All The Difference

ricky trailer park boys costumeIn case you are not able to find the Ricky costume of trailer park boys, do not get disappointed too soon. You can easily that shirt which gives Ricky the real look. It is the houndstooth shirt in the black white pattern. Whether you are in the bowling competition or having a great time with friends, this houndstooth pattern will ensure that you have that exact look which you earn for. And the best part is that you do not have to spend so much as in a full fledged costume.

The lower that you need with this is a black denim. I think that will be enough. Or something like a loose fitting black trousers will also be a nice option. Another opinion that I have developed over a period of time is as follows; the ricky trailer park boys costume is all about that psychological attitude, which comes from the subtle element of the character. So if something resembles the attire to a great extent, consider the job done. I have just one piece and have not felt the need to get another one in this series because even after two years down the line, the shirt does the trick. Of course, my special habit of following the manufacturer’s instructions while washing the garment also comes handy.