Lahey Says I Am The Liquor And It Looks Good On The Shirt


jim lahey i am the liquor shirt in black


Among the various characters that you may find in the trailer park boys series, Jim Lahey has a carved out a coveted position. You may be an outright fan of the boys but the trailer park supervisor creates a pretty strong impression.

Hence the merchandise section pays a good deal of attention on the quality of Jim Lahey I am the Liquor shirts. You can always find some good options in any online collection and the demand is pretty good in all seasons.

The character oozes confidence and confidence is what you need to survive among the challenges. You may not be that high in so called IQ quotients but who cares! All you need is a winning way of life and the rest follows. While it may not follow in a smooth and free flowing manner but it will nevertheless.

Jim Lahey shirts demand that loose fitting comfortable arrangement. You don’t want them to be tight in fit. It spoils the whole impression in my view. You know that dapper cool comfy look. That’s what the supervisor is after!

Jim Lahey Shirts Occupy Coveted Positions In TPB Merchandise


You can easily come to the conclusion that Mr. Lahey adds that mystery spice to this bandwagon. There are other elements too but he surely has a pivotal role to play. You might want to rerun the series to assess his importance. The fan merchandise is wide and contains an array of elements. But you cannot stay from the charm of this figure. He looks daunting and provides a stellar feel to the entire event. There are moments when the fan-following touches the levels of Ricky. They surely make an excellent pair when it comes to on-screen entertainment.