Hooded Sweatshirt – The Liquor Is Calling The Shots Now

trailer park boys hoodie sweatshirt

You talk of hooded sweatshirts and you talk of swag. At some point you realize that both are complimentary. A hooded t-shirt from the trailer park boys kindles a lot of expectations. You are expecting style with attention.

The design here catches the eye. You read the quote ” The liquor is calling the shots now” and there is a slight glimpse regarding some hidden mystery. May be I am exeggerating a bit but the lines invite a decent level of attention.

This hoodie comes in several shades. You can opt for multiple varieties for different combinations. The best one would be the shades closer to black. Black is one of my favorites since childhood days and the one thing that I believe is that you can never really go wrong with black.

If you are fond of sweatshirts this one is a pretty decent outfit for the wardrobe.