Julian Magnet Sticker Trailer Park Boys – Funky Chunky Sticker


Julian Magnet Sticker Trailer Park Boys - Funky Chunky StickerHow can Julian be left behind when you are talking about trailer park boys magnet stickers. In the last two posts I covered the stickers from Bubbles and the stylish one from Ricky. Now you may relish the french cut bearded humor genie!

Like the previous counterparts, this one too is officially licensed and made from laser cut die process with wooden material. My idea is to go for all the three stickers in one go as the price is on the lower side and you can then have the complete set from trailer park. Having one and not having another doesn’t seem like a fair deal. The same concept holds true when you are talking about t-shirts.

However glamorous these boys may be, my dad somehow does not feel the legacy that the movie and the TV series brings about. He is much more interested in the assignments that my professors dishes out every weekend. I guess the real feel of the boys comes when you are enjoying the college life with a little more freedom than you used to have in the school life.

I have seen a monumental increase in the gift items category and most of them are in the decent price range. Considering my budgetary limitations I have to spend that extra time for quality movie merchandise. But the fan following is on the rise and this gives me hope that prices will reveal a downward in this holiday season.