Bubbles Funky Chunky Magnet Aquarius Trailer Park Boys Series


Bubbles Funky Chunky Magnet Aquarius Trailer Park Boys SeriesDon’t have the budget but still want to give the trailer park gift? Stickers are perhaps easy ways to convey your affection and appreciation to the fan. I have the Bubbles funky chunky magnet on the desk and it is sometimes enchanting to observe the big bulging eyes of bubbles and those words; ” here kitty come kitty”. You can never forget the moments of the movie for sure.


The product description says that it is an officilally licensed gift option so you can rest assured about the overall quality of the item. It is a laser die cut piece and the carving is smooth all the way round. Another important point that it is wooden and not just any run of the mill product. The sticker stands on its own and you can literally place it anywhere. Approximate size is 3X4. If you have found the perfect empty spot on the fridge get your own piece and capture the memories of the TPB series.