Jim Duggan Hacksaw “USA” T-Shirt – Striking Shade Of Blue


Jim Duggan Hacksaw USA T-Shirt - Striking Shade Of BlueSome shirts just catch your eyes from the word go. Recently one of the site visitors ordered the hacksaw Jim Duggan t-shirt. The moment I saw this shirt on the order list page there seemed to be an instant liking for the design. It was just like that classic Bubbles design feeling. Upon further online research I found this attractive shirt with a lot of fan following. Apparently, many of us are willing to show their macho primitive spirit via the design.

I wish my professor would wear this one fine day and vent all his frustrations on the students. He seems to be a real nice guy but gets irritated when the students do not cooperate. Any the worst thing is that he has to hide all the frustrations within himself. My suggestion is quit simple: wear Jim Duggan on your heart and vent out all the anger and no need to mince any  word! Yes, I suggest this very thing to improve his psychological health!

Back to this apparel, in case you are a blue lover, you will appreciate the shade that has been used here. It is striking in nature and manages to prove a point. Even more, you will immediately get the sense that the blue highlights the character on print. I am now waiting for the customer to post the reviews and how it feels to own this one.

Oh by the here are some other variations. If you are looking to experiment with different apparel styles, these would hopefully fulfill the expectations.

Take a look at this tank-top. Looks great for those enchanting bike rides.

tanktop hacksaw jim duggan usa


When the wind chills out a bit you could opt for the long sleeve version


jim duggan hacksaw long sleeve shirt usa

Just a bit more style with the Snapback Trucker Hat 


jim duggan hacksaw snapback trucker hat blue usa